I have always been in sales and marketing. I started delivering Grit newspapers as a boy in West Virginia.

After a stint in the Air Force, I opened my own sign company manufacturing, installing and maintaining signs. At the age of 28, I had installation accounts for McDonald's, Hardee's, Burger King, General Motors, Ford, John Deere and others.

In 1987, I sold my sign company and started a magazine for the sign industry. I published it until 1994, when I sold it to a major publisher and became a consultant and writer for them. The magazine, "Sign Builder Illustrated" is now published out of New York City, and distributed all over the world.

In 1998, I went to work for a land development company that specialized in waterfront communities. I became sales manager and led our office to be the leading office in annual sales out of nine divisions in the United States.

I started Waterfront Professionals in 2003, and we quickly became the leader in water-related property sales in Eastern North Carolina. In 2005 we started our home sales division, Experience Realty. In 2006, we had 412 closings with 3 sales people--my wife, Rennie, our son, Stephen, and myself.